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Posted by Bakafeck - March 30th, 2019

Scanner is finally working too so now I can actually work on stuff again. Whoo! Though I'm into a more sketch/doodle and fic writing phase at the moment so... eh. It is what it is. I'm excited either way, there's so much I need to do and my desk is so amazing I can hardly contain myself. It's already covered in stuff.

Posted by Bakafeck - December 10th, 2018

From now on, most of what I post will be newly finished. Maybe there might be some remakes of some of the doodles I did of Kira, but I'll be trying to stay away from posting too many things I'd already posted elsewhere (even if that elsewhere dies, haha). 

I need to draw more chicks, so if you came for all the guys I drew that might not help you very much. I'll still draw them, but I need to practice the female figure some.

Current to do list:

  • Christmas pic (Kira)
  • New Years Pic (Succubus)
  • Possibly Re-open Commissions (no guarantees though)


Also gonna put this here so I can take it off of my profile:
I've signed my art with all kinds of things like Ruehl21, RuehlSkott, and Bakatsuki. In 2019 I'll be primarily using Ruehl21 for the NSFW and Bakatsuki for SFW, just to keep things separate.

Thanks for your patience as I played catch-up! The flood is over!

Posted by Bakafeck - December 7th, 2018

You all have no idea how excited I am! I've been here for a few days and my excitement is still only growing.

I want to draw of course, but I want to do more comics this coming year... but I also want to try animating too, as there is a pretty much limitless supply of inspiration here. But where to start? Basic movements? Jiggling bits? Action scenes? Characters headbanging? I can't decide haha.

Also at the pace I'm uploading it should take another 3-4 days for me to finish posting all the crap I cared enough to move over. I'm so greatful for the boost on posting limits, this is helping a lot! I can get out of the feed soon as I've kinda oversaturated it a bit... I hate doing that.

THE BEST PART IS PEOPLE LIKE KIRA! One of my characters. I like to draw her A LOT, so that came as a huge relief.

Thanks again for having me! 2019 is gonna kick ass!

Posted by Bakafeck - December 6th, 2018

Alrighty I put up most of the League of Legends stuff I cared about. I'll probably do a chunk every day until I'm caught up and then start posting new stuff in the new year, just to keep things clean and organized.

Suggestions for the first drawing of 2019 are open if anyone wants to add to the hat. I was thinking Space Dandy, the guy from Redline nodding his head to the beat, or some good ol' Bowsette pin-up/porn to get the year started off right. Who knows, eh? Feel free to leave a suggestion if you'd like!


Posted by Bakafeck - December 5th, 2018

I grew up watching the stuff on this site. Castle, Xin, Tankmen, Larry, Metal Gear Awesome... I'm not sure why I never actually made an account on here. I know I meant to... hell, I even thought I did, but putting in all my past e-mail addresses got me nothing. Long before I found Twitter or Tumblr this was the place I always went, and I still revisited every so often.

Well... it matters not. Tumblr is about to die, and although I don't really make animations, I'm finally going to get set up here. I hope to make all kinds of things, and it'll be nice to see it on a site that's far more stable.

Thanks for having me and I hope I amuse some of you on my journey.